Frequently Asked Questions

How do you build your sites?

We build our sites on WordPress. You'll have an easy to use administration panel where you can add and update all of your content.

What do I get for my money?

You'll get a free domain name, registered for 2 years. We'll help configure it and set up an email address if needed. We'll then create your website, using the information you provide us, and host it on our servers for 1 year. (After 1 year you can then choose to renew your hosting) We'll then support you in getting to know your new website allowing you to add and update content.

What is the process after I've chosen which site I want?

You have two options here. You can purchase your chosen site online or you can contact us directly to purchase your new website. You'll then receive an email from us where you'll provide us with all the information about your business and content for the website. All your work is done now, we'll then build your website using the information and content you provide us with and then deliver your brand new website, made especially for you.

What if I need help after my site is done?

We offer a period of 15 days after building your website where we'll make sure your new site is up and running and to offer any help you may need.

How do I choose my domain name?

Go to and search to see if your domain name is available.

Is the domain name registered to me?

Yes. The domain will be registered in your name and you will own the rights to it through your chosen domain registrar.

Do I own my website once it's been made?

Yes. The finished website will be owned completely by yourself. Meaning, if you'd like to transfer your website to a different host in the future, then you're free to do so.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes of course, as long as you have access to the name servers located with your domain registrar. If you're unsure about this, contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Can I use my own host?

Yes you can. However, please note, if you sign up for our monthly service to maintain your site, we will be unable to provide support regarding hosting issues. You will have to contact your host directly in regards to any questions or issues.

Am I locked into a contract?

No, we do not tie you into any contracts. After we have built your website, you are free to go as you please and to never contact us again (Even if we are the nicest people you'll meet!) Similarly, with our website maintenance services, you can cancel at any time, with no extra fees.

Can you maintain my website for me after it's made?

Yes, of course. We offer a website maintainer service for an additional fee paid monthly or yearly. Please contact us for further information

Can I add Videos to my website?

Yes, you can! Upload your videos to a streaming service such as YouTube or Vimeo and then embed them onto your website. PS we can do this for you when building your site :).

How can I pay for my website?

You can pay online via Debit/Credit card or Paypal. Alternatively, you can contact us directly and organise payment over the phone.

Do you offer a referral award?

Yes we do! You will receive £50 for every person who you refer us to who then purchase their own website. (£100 if they purchase an E-Commerce site) Please note, the referral award is only available to Jammin Customers.

Is there a limit to how much I can receive?

No, there is no limit to how many referral awards you can receive. We're confident you'll be so happy with your website, you'll be dying to tell everyone about it and therefore earning more referral awards yourself.

Do you include the images from your demo sites?

We can provide the images from some of our demo websites. Please contact us to find out which images are available.

Can you write the content for my website.

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer this service. We specialise in building beautiful sites and feel the best person to write about your business is you. We will proof read all of the content you provide us with and let you know if we find any mistakes.

Do I need to pay the full amount upfront for a website?

If you contact us to pay over the phone, you can pay a 50% deposit. Once the website is done, we'll then invoice you for the further 50%. Please note, if you purchase your site online, unfortunately we are unable to provide a 50% deposit option and you will have to pay the full amount up front.